Art is limitless, powerful, abundant and beyond imagination. Have you taken a look at the canvas paintings or are you more interested in oil paintings? We also sell canvas prints online. You can also buy canvas art and put it up in your home or the living room to give off an artistic creative vibe.


Art showcases modern ideas, questions the prejudices and conveys subtle and robust messages across all dissimilar people. There are plenty of choices you can choose from. We offer variety of services. Art for you is where we draw your face in a uiquely appealing way and there is Desire art where craft your desire in such a way that it will be easy for you to visualize and easier for the Universe to deliver


My Canvas are living  Keys

Brigh Colours flow in You and Awake Your full Power  of transforming  your dreams in  reality.

My canvas are keys to travel in your inner world, discover tresours hidden in your Heart  and bring them to manifestation in your life. They speak the language of  the dreams, and directly to your heart. Let be inspired  and drive by your intuition, let the colours flow in you and awake your full potential.


KamasutrArt Collection

Part of the journey we share in this life is with our partner. In these canvas I wanted to celebrate the sense of freedom, beauty and ecstasy of lovers, who become One and open the doors of paradise in makin love. These are canvas I made for persons who really want to attract Love in their life and sensuality and eroticism or enjoy this experience if is present.

Goddess Collection

Sensual art for Goddesses

In the goodess’ collection the inspiration come from the beauty and the magic the woman spread in this world. Nature, dream and sensuality come from my travel around the world, exploreìing the potential of freedom the journey gift.

Pachamama- Kosmo Collection

I enjoy to be part of this amazing circle of life, and I feel a strong connection to Mother Earth  (Pachamama) and cosmo. Stars make me dream about incredible dimensions. With this art pieces you can feel the power of Life.




Soul Portait Collection

Immerge myself in the journey of making portraits  was a soul experience in discover how our eyes and face can mirror what is going on on a deeper level. I like capturing  the mistery of our emotions mixed with our soul desires and experience. It creates a cocktail and fireworks of colours and lines  that reveal and track  the intensity of what I call the Life the person has  experimented and is living. From this Art exploration came my ability to create Soul Portrait to people.

ImmaginAri Collection

You want to lose the sense of time and space, and discover a fluid world? Embrace the journey with Imaginari and let your imagination create stories.

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