"I like think about myself like an apprentice of Life"


What I love about life


The sound of sea waves

The inflamed sunsets, the nearby palms and the warm breeze

Kisses given with passion

Laugh aloud

Look each other in the eyes without speaking

Dance following the belly barefoot

Celebrate life with friends

The focaccia of Genoa, the trofie al pesto, the Sacher, the ravioli, the Grana cheese, the strawberries

Paint listening to music until late at night

Ancient cultures and adventure

The small daily rituals

Mexico, the desert, the magic

Play my guitar and improvise songs

What moves my heArt

 I'm working in Milan, painting and learning new tecniques and produce magical Art Pieces inspired by my travels and spiritual discovery journey. I'm an author of comics, Maiku is my first book and character, she should bring to human beings the message of how they can be really happy.

I beleive today is really important we connect to the life force of creativity, which roots are deep planted in Mother Earth.  It's a wonderful way to direct our energy in a wonderful and useful way for our society and co-create and manifest peace in the world.


Women will drive a big change in the planet  in these years and I adore empower and contribute to the expression of this incredible force of the femmine with my Art, my comix, workshops and my collaborations with institutions. I want to inspire beauty  and love in people and share this ideal with everyone!



Arianna Ruffinengo was born in Genoa .

In  art she's completely self educated.

Education: She is a  doctor in Economics, graduated at Bocconi with the maximum evaluation (management of fashion and design product) .She studied humanistic integrated NLP (Aleph),  the use of the voice (Ciro Imparato) business school (Marie Forleo -Usewoman empowerment (moonmother with Miranda Gray- author of Red Moon | the power of the feminine for the Andean culture | Pleasure Revolution with Mama Gena- USA) artistic expression (dance, singing, acting). she published 4 books and she is an author of the comics Maiku.

She traveled for expand her vision and for education or like a  volunteer  in projects as an artist in : America (USA, Mexico, Belize, Cuba, Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil), Asia (India, Thailand, Bali) Africa (Morocco , Kenya) Australia, Europe (Norway, Ireland, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany).





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