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Bags Moon and Sun inspiration_Arianna Ruffinengo

130 very creative artists from all over the world  took part to Eastpak Artist Studio, and personalized each three bags. All proceeds deriving from the sell of the bags go to the charity program, Designers Against AIDS, to help raise awareness for HIV/AIDS and promote prevention as the only cure for this insidious desease.

The artist took part to this initiative and personalized the bags with the theme of the sun, moon and sun and moon.



L'artista ha preso parte della manifestazione organizzata da Eastpack  che hai coinvolto 130  artisti, designers di tutto il mondo per la prevenzione della malattia AIDS e la diffusione delle informazioni a carattere preventivo. La vendita degli zainetti è stata devoluta a questa causa solidale.

Ha personalizzato così tre zainetti con il tema del Sole e Luna e sole e luna insieme. Gli zainetti sono stati esposti in Via Tortona insieme a quelli realizzati da altri artisti.

Interview for Eastpak Artist Studio

What has been your inspiration for the EASTPAK Artist Studio Bag(s)?
My inspiration came from the journeys I've done in South America, especially in Perù and Mexico.
The colours are brilliant, and everything speaks about the power of nature. The Sun and the Moon are two perfect lovers, and the fusion of their personal power is able to create the miracle of the life on the Earth. The Sun gives force and courage to the human beings, to animals and plants. The moon inspires their imagination and gives energy to their dreams. So life go on with cycles that teach us how is wonderful to discover our proper sun and moon inside of ourselves, and bring NEW LIGHT and INSPIRATION to act each day of everyday-life with a personal way! At the end the Sun and the Moon suggest us that love is the energy that keeps united everything in the universe...

Which city do you live in – can you tell us what it’s best kept secret is?
I live in Milan, my house is near the "Naviglio Grande". I believe that the pink water and the orange sky I can see there during the sunset can give magical inspirations to anyone have the heart open to receive.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?
Two hours ago..

Can you name three major things on your ‘bucketlist’ – three things you want to realize before you ‘kick the bucket’…
Bring Art in the society, integrate it in Economy and in all the other sectors. I would like to innovate our way of life and living in a more ecological way.
I would like to make a movie that make smile and open the heart of all the people.
I would like to share my life with a worthy man, love each other, have fun and expand love in the World and than in the Universe!

The proceeds from the sales of your bag will go entirely to Designers Against AIDS – What are your views on safe sex? Do you personally think it’s still important?
I think it's still important. I would like to imagine people doing sex and exploring themselves with respect, passion, love, and no fear of sickness.


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