Black Goddess

acrilic on canvas

80x120 cm


cod: 001


Goddess collection


This artpiece come from a collective idea of making an exibithion where each artist was inspired by one of the biggest artist of the past. My model was Modigliani, and I  re-intepreted  his famous painting "Nudo" with my style. perfetc to evoque a sensation of esotic atmosfephere.


Yellow Goddess

acrilic on canvas

80x120 cm


cod: 002


Goddess collection


This painting representes the awakening of a goddess.

The glorius Mothe Nature spreads all around energy of new life coming.You can see a woman in the middel with new wings ready to fly.  Her mind is connected to the Universal Superior Divine Being.

The tecquinique is acrilic on canvas with the use of golden paper.


Power of the colours: yellow increases vitaly in the mind, support the awakening of new ideas, and thinking out of the box.

The Waves

acrilic on canvas

100x 100 cm

cod: 003


KamasutrArt collection


The Waves - Let it go every thoughts, and explore with abandonment the realm of true pleasure. This experience is unique and elevate two lovers to the sacred dance of being one and flow with the waves of an immense ocean of love.

Blue goddess

acrilic on canvas

120x 80 cm

cod: 004


Goddess Collection


Blue Water Goddess - The blue water goddess is made up with acrilic on canvas, and you can find golden leaves around her arm, her belly and in the spirals behind her.. there is a moon and a man who is dreaming about her...she is sitting at the top of a wave, the waterfall in this magical place invite you to surrender in the world of feelings, the magical realm of the heart..she guides you in these magical waters.

2 Tigers

acrilic on canvas

50x70 cm (2012)

cod: 005


Pachamama Collection


 Pachamama - These are two tigers who loves each other’s and respect their differences. It’s extremely expressive painting, the sensation is to have really a couple of tigers next to you that love each other and invite you to fully live your Truly nature. Dark green on the background exalt the intense orange of the tiger at the right position.

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