Make your Life your Masterpiece.

Pure colours bring transformation in life and open the door for miracles and magnificence.

I learn painting with colors without putting myself any limitations.

 This sensual and  erotic life force of Nature invite to embrace our Spiritual essence and feel…


                                                        All is One.



Roseco Logo : Meaning

Roseco is the logo- symbol associate to Ari-Art.

It comes from the union of the first 2 letters of 3 italian words : Rosa (Rose), Serpente (Snake) and Conchiglia (SeaShell). They synthesize the MAIN VALUES she expresses trough her artpieces.


The ROSE represents Beauty, the flowering of the essence, the scent of paradise on Earth, which brings us back to the balanced union between spirit and sensuality in the point of Love. The Rose gives its beauty and its scent to the world, opening up without knowing why and asking for anything in return.

The SNAKE is a symbolic animal of the Energy that moves everything and permeates all things around and within us.

The SEASHELL with its spirals is the perfect symbol of the Evolution of our being. It reflects that universal laws are found in the micro and macro cosmos, and how we are part of a harmonious whole.


All in these artpieces is really about these 3 main values.

Art, projects, illustrations & comics


Here you'll find Ari visual art, expressed in paintings, artpieces and canvas.


Art Gallery or a art- collectors, this is the right section.



PROJECTS  for Mother Earth

Ari is involved like a counscious painter in humanitarian projects, most about Pachamama -Mother Earth topic. Her intention is  to promote a new culture,  preserving the beauty of this magical planet.


Section for Organizations, Institutions and Companies sensitive to humanitarian topic.




Drawings, illustrations  and diaries of her travels around the world are the main characters of this section. You can find her style of immediate sketching, using  markers, pencils, watercolour.


Good section for publishers of books and magazine.



COMICS-Maiku project

Ari with the nickname of Arix, invented a character called Maiku. Maiku came to this planet to reveal humans being the secret of happiness. She created 4 books and Maiku discovers Red Moon, made in association with Miranda Gray, has been published by Ediciones Urano in Spain and South America.



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